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Google SketchUp: 3D Modeling for Everyone

All things being Google, why not a virtual world, one in which any individual can participate in the design process, conceptualizing architecture, landscapes and objects in 3D drawing models, then inserting them into a collectively built, real-world coordinate planet Earth? Google Earth. Yes, using Google SketchUp, anyone can draw. SketchUp is an accessible 3D drawing software tool that was developed for the early, conceptual stages of design. Google offers a FREE version, or a professional version for $495.

Google SketchUp. Explore a virtual model of Google #D Warehouse
See a wide array of model examples in the Featured Collections area of the Google 3D Warehouse.
Fred Bartels is doing some interesting drawing experiments. See examples of his work in the The Abstract Art section of the Google 3D Warehouse. The image shown here is titled Hidden Figure, by Fred Bartels.

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